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Is your content standing out?

With so much noise to contend with, your content needs to rise above the rest in order to be seen.


Do you have a solid brand identity?

Effective branding creates the unique look and tone that you want your company to project to the world. Your brand identity includes:

  • 1.

    Your Visual Identity

  • 2.

    The Voice You Use

  • 3.

    The Value of Your Business

  • 4.

    The Kind of Personality You Have


As your company evolves over time, so too will your brand identity. Where is your brand currently? Where would you like it to be?

The first step we will take is assessing your current positioning, and your future goals. We will meet with you and assist you in beginning the creative process to define / refine your main objectives. We will analyze your current content and advise on where and how it can be improved. We will assist you with creating a plan to effectively connect you with your target audience. With our background in event + social media marketing, our team of professionals at HLT can help you reach YOUR unique, specified goals, organize a fierce marketing presence, and elevate your brand to the NEXT LEVEL!



Is your project crying out for guidance?

Whether you have a project in motion or a project waiting to debut, HLT is here to the rescue! Our team will support you through the process and offer our knowledge to help you achieve your project’s goals.


Are you or your team sinking in a design rut?

We send rescue rope and help you emerge victorious! We specialize in curating ideas and assisting individuals / teams to push the creative envelope, challenge the status quo and get the results they seek. If your project is in need of:

  • 1.

    Brainstorming Assistance

  • 2.

    A Creativity Boost / Creative Guidance

  • 3.

    Storyline Development

  • 4.

    Style Guidance

  • 5.

    Brand Activation Ideas

  • 6.

    Event Planning Advice

  • 7.

    A Wide Artistic Network of Professionals


You Have Come to the Right Place!

Then you have come to the right place! WHATEVER YOUR PROJECT IS COMPRISED OF - Photo, Video, Event, Brand Activations, creative ventures of all varieties – We assist in development to ensure delivery of a unique, inspiring and unforgettable experience. Let’s be AWESOME together!