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Pineapple Live Brings Juicy Beats to San Diego

Just like the Brazilian native fruit, the pineapple, Igor Lascani is building a juicy, refreshing brand in the house and techno scene. Pineapple Live is an entertainment agency that curates small to large scale music events. Every event sees different and unique elements centered around the constant three factors: art, love, and music. From the lights, colors, sounds, and details, Pineapple Live creates environments where the atmosphere and the music go hand-in-hand.

The birth story of Pineapple Live precedes Lascani’s existence – his family was heavily involved in São Paulo’s music and events industry. Naturally, Lascani caught the music bug and he threw his first music event in Brazil in his tender youth, at just 14. By the age of 18, he had the opportunity to work on the production team for one of Brazil and Latin America’s most notable singers, Roberto Carlos, by producing a four-day event on a cruise ship and barely a year later, he had already opened his event production and artist management agency.

Prepping the Pineapple

When we see a pineapple, we think tropical warmth, joy and friendship. Lascani says the fruit also inspired him as it is “a symbol of hospitality, expressing a sense of welcoming and friendship” and Pineapple Live aims to replicate that exact feeling at their events.
Lascani recalls the music scene in São Paulo which saw people dancing, crying, smiling, having a mixture of feeling and emotions and that was something he always brought with him wherever he goes. Transitioning from São Paulo to San Diego, he raves about the local crowd here where people get serious about the music and truly dance with their hearts here.
It wasn’t long before Lascani teamed up with a friend to collaborate on what would be his debut party ‘Pineapple Presents: Under the Umbrella.’ Lascani and the team sold out the venue, and he said, “The vibes were incredible. The crowd dressed to express, and the energy was unbelievable.” And it was this ‘Under the Umbrella’ event, that brought him his connection to Hello Lauren Turton.

Hello Lauren Turton + Pineapple Live

Lascani and our leader Lauren met through a mutual friend and upon which, he immediately found her passion and knowledge intriguing. Intuitively, he felt she was someone he wanted to work with. “In the first meeting I noticed she knew what she was talking about,” says Lascani.
We then hopped on board with Pineapple Live to execute the ‘Under the Umbrella’ photoshoot. First, we had a discussion with Lascani to get a taste of his creative direction before settling on a theme centering around fun, funky, festival and house music lovers. It was all systems go from there!
We proceeded to curate and gather looks from local fashion designers That Dome Piece and The Thriftsy Gyspsy and on the day of, we directed the photo shoot to ensure everything worked out in sync with Lascani’s unique vision.
Turton knew Lascani’s success back home in Brazil and said she was thrilled to work with him here and get him established in the San Diego music scene. The photoshoot and the debut event were significant success, filled with the perfect DJs, and beautiful and eclectic people dancing the day away!
Keep your eyes and ears open for our next collab with Pineapple Live!