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Doctor of Design Seeks ‘Hello Lauren Turton’ for Photo Shoot

Music festivals and their communities are well-known for one thing – their unwavering and ever-growing taste for unique fashion. If a hat is seen most prominently around these communities, you know it has to be one heck of a hat. And that’s exactly what That Dome Piece is – uniquely upcycled hats.
Doctor by day, designer by night – Jessica Bolton is the owner and sole operator of That Dome Piece. Growing up, Bolton had dreamt of majoring in fashion design before she was “encouraged to look toward a more ‘sensible’ career.” Having accomplished that and currently a licensed psychologist at Donovan State Prison, Bolton can now clock out, armed with her glue guns and hats and pursue her dreams of being a fashion designer on the side. That Dome Piece serves as her creative outlet and a true reflection of her passion for wearable art.
We know all too well the feeling of psyching yourself up for an approaching festival only to realize you were too broke for that cute new outfit and/or festival gear. Cue then your DIY rush job of festival attire. Bolton had the same idea – except she directed her creative energy into creating a revival of millinery couture fashion. A frequent festival-goer herself—it was when Bolton was broke, and could not afford to purchase festival attire, that she took matters into her own hands. It began with a few vintage hats, and adding LED lights and random pieces to create her own masterpieces. These pieces brought in compliments and when people were surprised to find out that she was the creator of these chic pieces, and it was then that she felt she had discovered her niche.

Building a Brand & Finding Hello Lauren Turton

As Bolton’s brand continues to grow, she knew it was time to expand on her creative visuals. Cue Hello Lauren Turton! The designer sought the help of our company to curate a photoshoot of depicting festival fashion vibes.
It was only a few years ago that our founder, Lauren Turton, met Bolton. Turton was producing pop-up shops in significant nightlife venues around the city, and That Dome Piece happened to be one of the vendors. Turton was instantly drawn towards Bolton’s amazing creations and knew that HLT would be a great help in creating the company’s visual needs.
With that, we adopted the role of Creative Director for the shoot, and chose Banker’s Hill community of San Diego for the shoot’s location for its interesting architecture that fit hand in hand with That Dome Piece’s creative taste. We then proceeded to pull models, hair stylists, and make up artists to ultimately create the look that Bolton so craved for her brand.
With our help and curation of the photoshoot, That Dome Piece can now rest assured knowing they will have this repertoire of sleek images to submit to publications, to post on social media and or keep them for her portfolio.

The Exclusivity of That Dome Piece

One reason why That Dome Piece is so rad is that when working with the brand, you can get in touch with artistic side, and feel confident that no one else will be rocking the same look as no one piece is ever replicated. So rest assured, and know that you will never be placed in a fashion face-off of “Who Wore It Best.”
With her brand, Bolton brings her style to fit into settings where she hopes you, too, can express yourself. Bolton says she wants to help “people feel good about the way they look.”
Stay tuned for another hit creation by Hello Lauren Turton and That Dome Piece coming up later this month.
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