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Some of us look to magic to get through life and others to science but Deiadora mixes the two to get the meta philosophy that is Deiadorebel.

She started off about the meta philosophy in 2013. It took her a lot of practice and four novels to finally publish her 5th: Lords and Ladies of Time: The Mustard Seed in Timelessness (2016). Since then, she has written two more novellas and albums (2017, 2018) that embody Quantum Magick. Deiadora uses retro-causality to access higher states of consciousness through meditation and mindfulness at all times to integrate a new way of thinking, speaking, and acting.

“I believe that the meta – what we say to ourselves and to each other within our own “selves” – is actually more important and truer than what we say to each other out loud. If it’s out of alignment and inconsistent, then we won’t be able to manifest what we truly desire. It’s simply the nature of our quantum reality based in information. Each and every one of us (and everything!) are based in information, much like an unseen code. Life needs an audience and we are it; the conscious observers of this planet. Talk about a big responsibility!”

When we decided to take on the creative rebranding of Deiadora, we knew it wasn’t going to be all ponies and sunshine. Literally – Deiadora is an eccentric artist with a different take on life and we just knew that while rebranding her, we wanted to keep her vision and her creative style intact.

Instead of taking what Deiadora loves and painstakingly built up and redesigning the creative vision, we opted to instead adopt her unique take on life and adapt it to fit her new goals and desire. Much of her success is credited to her uniqueness and we believe that keeping the integrity of that intact is so important both to our clients and to us.

Check out the rest of her work on her site